Two new engineers have joined hyperTunnel’s fast-growing team.

Mary-Jane Ochibe has stepped into the role of Automation Engineer, bringing with her a wealth of experience in control engineering as well as electrical and electronics, having previously worked for several years in the electronics and manufacturing industries as an Automation and Control Engineer. Previously responsible for creating innovative solutions for the development and continuous improvement of automated processes, Mary-Jane is passionate about innovation and technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, robotics and their applications.

“I am particularly looking forward to applying myself in such a creative and innovative environment,” commented Ochibe. “It is a wonderful opportunity to join such a talented and dedicated team in developing this exciting revolutionary new tunnelling method.”

Fabricator George Basey also joins the hyperTunnel team. Having honed his craft over 40 years, working in the aerospace, petrochemical and defence industries, one of the highlights of George’s career so far has been working as a fabricator for Lynx Jaguar sports cars. “I am very excited to become a member of the engineering team for such a forward-thinking company as hyperTunnel,” said Basey.

“George and Mary-Jane will provide a great boost to our team as we develop our hyperBot technology at pace,” said Patrick Lane-Nott, hyperTunnel’s Director of Engineering. “Their knowledge and skills will allow the team to make quicker iterations and improvements as we move from prototype stage to a complete commercial product offering.”