Senior strategic appointment will help hyperTunnel develop a new generation of more sustainable underground chemistry for its 3D-printed tunnels.

hyperTunnel has appointed renowned construction chemicals expert, Sven Asmus, as Director of Chemistry & Materials Development, effective January 2022.

Sven was formerly Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MBCC Group. He worked in this business, previously owned by BASF, for more than 14 years and was also globally responsible for sustainability. He adds a wealth of experience in ground chemicals and admixtures to hyperTunnel.

“MasterBuilders Solution has been, and will continue to be, a strategic partner of hyperTunnel. Through this partnership, we have worked very closely with Sven for the past three years. It is a huge show of faith in hyperTunnel that someone with Sven’s credentials is coming on board to support our planned scale up. Underground chemistry is fundamental to the hyperTunnel concept and, with Sven on board, we fully intend to make a significant shift in reducing its carbon footprint,” says Steve Jordan, co-CEO of hyperTunnel.

Sven Asmus said, “The construction industry is changing. It used to be notorious for not being innovative or able to tackle efficiency and productivity. We’ve seen this changing in the past few years and now there is hyperTunnel, which fits perfectly into this industry trend – building and maintaining tunnels innovatively, faster and more affordably.

“I am joining hyperTunnel primarily because of the impact I believe we can have converting underground chemistry composition and usage into something with a lower CO2 footprint. We are just starting; there is huge potential to improve. hyperTunnel is transforming the way tunnels are built and with construction chemicals playing a large part in the method, we are highly motivated to drive positive change.”