About us

hyperTunnel is an Infratech start-up developing a radical new method of tunnelling. We aim to build tunnels faster, safer, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly by applying proven technologies from other industries to redefine what is possible. By dramatically reducing the cost of tunnels, we hope to realise new possibilities to meet global demand for increased, yet more sustainable transportation solutions.

Our Story

The hyperTunnel concept was devised by businessmen Steve Jordan and Jeremy Hammond. They concluded current tunnelling methods were prohibitively expensive when designing a tidal energy project. Jordan discovered that technological approaches used in other sectors – in fields such as mining, surveying, boring and 3D printing – could be transferred to tunnelling.

Our vision is the result of fresh, unencumbered thinking, and this remains a core value. Our engineering team is a deliberate mix of talent from non-tunnelling sectors such as advanced materials, aerospace, oil and gas, motorsport and geoscience. We have attracted leading global industry experts to steer and challenge our development. We are collaborating with strategic partners Master Builders Solutions, the global chemicals giant, and Network Rail.

Launched in 2018

Headquartered in Basingstoke, England

Outdoor Learning Centre and Geolab

Team of 30+ people