A step change for sustainability and carbon footprint

The need for sustainability and reducing carbon footprint is a key driver for the construction industry and it is what drives us. hyperTunnel offers a completely new way of building tunnels and underground structures which will create a step-change in the sector’s environmental performance. Emerging from a renewable energy concept we were ‘born green’. Our ambition to improve the environmental impact of our industry is matched by our mission to transform cost, speed, project risk and safety.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We are currently engaged in calculating precise environmental savings when using hyperTunnel versus traditional methods.

Our initial focus is on the processes which consume the most carbon within underground construction to demonstrate how we can bring significant improvements in these areas. We will then address the carbon intensity of underground chemicals. Our mission is to improve the environmental impact and sustainability of underground construction through innovation.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Less electrical energy

Lower power requirement for swarm robotics construction

Less water

3D-printing approach uses less water and reduces need for water pumps

Less raw materials

Geology forms part of the construction

Less waste

Geology remains in place and not removed

Smaller machinery

80 tonne drilling machine vs 2000 tonne TBM

Fewer consumables

Reuse of equipment and robot fleet

Extracted material handling

Less costly treatment for extraction and disposal

Repurpose of construction pipes

Providing ground source heat pipes

Smaller construction site

Improved entry/exit locations, access and less land use

Further Sustainability Benefits

Shift underground shortens journeys and facilitates urgent projects.

Tidal range energy reconsidered by removing tunnel cost barrier.

Repair and surveying capabilities extend tunnel life.

Tunnel enlargement allows electrification and new routes for freight.

We are committed to continuously improve our environmental impact in the workplace, with a range of measures including disposal of materials through a specialist treatment supplier, minimising waste, Recycling at Work policy and EV scheme for all staff travel.