Transforming underground construction through AI, Machine Learning and Swarm Robotics

Greater Speed

Lower Cost

Enhanced Safety

More Sustainable

Tunnelling Reimagined

hyperTunnel’s new approach to building tunnels and underground schemes is faster, safer, lower cost and more sustainable than current techniques.
It uses a unique combination of proven technologies from diverse industries to redefine what’s possible





Underground Assets


The unique combination of proven technologies brings together best practices from industries as diverse as open cast mining to 3D printing. Our radical new infraTech process seeks to overcome the huge challenges in tunnelling and underground works where current options remain expensive, slow and unable to eliminate risk.
Increases speed
Transforms safety issue
Drives down cost
Lowers project risk
Removes uncertainty of the underground path
Overcomes adverse geologies pre excavation
Improves planning accuracy
Reduces consumables and minimises underground power
Lowers environmental impact

Flexible Solutions to Tunnelling Needs

The hyperTunnel method being developed is by design modular in structure. The individual processes work together for a complete tunnel solution or individually to resolve specific underground issues.
For New Structures

The hyperTunnel Process is a revolutionary methodology that creates a complete tunnel or underground structure. 

For Existing Structures

A combination of bespoke modules expands the capabilities of current assets whilst minimising disruption. 


Our precision repair process allows local inspection, fixing and relining inside or outside the structure. 


Our infrastructure Health Monitoring System integrates IOT technology to deliver smart, efficient, connected structures. 

The hyperTunnel Process


  • Proprietary geological survey techniques facilitates visualisation of the geology interfaces and obstacles
  • Creation of Digital Twin supporting Virtual Reality (VR) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology


  • Structural assessment and validation using complimentary inspection techniques
  • Tunnel construction using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Swarm Robotics


  • Safe excavation performed by remote workforce
  • Simple recycling of spoil without need for processing
  • Option of simultaneous Sprayed Concrete Layer (SCL)


  • Custom lining dependent on final application
  • BIM model and Digital Twin facilitates asset sign off
  • Enhanced life-cycle management through IOT monitoring and predictive maintenance

Strategic Partners include…

“Our large portfolio of Victorian tunnels requires increasing levels of work to meet the needs of the railway network.  However, we want to reduce disruption to our passengers so we are constantly searching for new approaches to enlarging or re-lining tunnels that reduce the length of time a tunnel will be closed to trains.”

David Castlo CEng FICE MIAM – Network Technical Head (Mining & Tunnels)