How are robots and autonomous systems transforming the construction industry? What drives innovation, what kinds of machines and systems are being created, and how will their implementation benefit underground construction?

hyperTunnel’s CEO and co-Founder, Steve Jordan, will contribute to this debate with a presentation at Build in Digital’s upcoming micro-conference, ‘Robotics & Automation – Towards a Manufactured Workforce’, on Wednesday 10th July 12-2pm.

Steve’s experience in the renewable energy sector sparked the idea that led to his invention of the hyperTunnel method. He has previously held leadership roles in several UK businesses in the energy, printing and property development businesses. 

What is a Micro-conference? 

A micro-conference is a small scale conference that allows professionals to present and discuss their work. They provide a channel for the exchange of nascent ideas and an opportunity for collaboration.

The event is hosted online and delivered within a 2 hour window to minimise the impact on people’s working day, while giving attendees an incisive conference session and the opportunity to network and workshop with speakers and other attendees in the breakout rooms.

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