hyperTunnel has recruited a founding team of engineers from diverse industry sectors with complementary and extensive expertise in mechanical and electrical design innovation.

With a combination of decades of experience across numerous areas including aeronautics, motorsport, healthcare, leisure, academia, mining, geophysics and geotechnical engineering, the eight-strong team has been deliberately assembled to maximise blue-sky thinking and bring fresh perspectives to hyperTunnel’s product development.

“We wanted to build a rounded team with an enthusiasm to take on change,” explains Steve Jordan, hyperTunnel’s co-founder and Director. “We specifically briefed our recruitment team to find people from outside the tunnelling and allied communities at the outset. We must strive for unencumbered, fresh, inventive thinking until we have a good technology foundation established.”

It is a testament both to the strength of hyperTunnel’s concept and the innovation mindset of the new team members that they were keen to join as founding engineers. They are led by Director of Engineering Patrick Lane-Nott, himself a chartered engineer with over 20 years’ high-performance motorsport experience gained in F1, IndyCar and at Le Mans, as well involvement in heavy industry.

“We wanted people who are used to fast-paced innovation, and F1 is excellent for that,” said Lane-Nott. “Aeronautical engineers, meanwhile, are good at making things work in small spaces. We also have a lot of deep geotechnical and data analysis expertise. Everyone brings a unique and valuable skillset to the table. It’s a powerful and exciting mix.”

The new team members have already been allocated their initial tasks. Further engineering hires are planned in the coming months.