In anticipation of its planned expansion, hyperTunnel has moved into a state-of-the-art new workspace in the heart of Basingstoke, UK, incorporating fully equipped research and development facilities. 

The 5,000 sqft (465 sqm) ViewPoint headquarters include an engineering and innovation lab furnished with machinery for manufacturing, assembling and testing prototypes. As well as 3D printing facilities, hyperTunnel’s team of engineers has a range of specialist equipment and workshop tools at its disposal. These include mechanical and electrical assembly systems and devices, soldering equipment, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), seismic systems and jigs for site use. 

There is also a workbench for performance testing, enabling the development team to build and bench-test prototypes before transferring them to hyperTunnel’s nearby outdoor-testing facility for further rigorous verification.  

Numerous meeting areas and breakaway spaces plus full conferencing facilities support intra- and inter-team and partner collaboration. 

“ViewPoint is a great space in which to devise and test out our range of infraTech innovations and their different applications,” said Patrick Lane-Nott, Director of Engineering of hyperTunnel. “Plus, the location is excellent for connections to central London and the rest of the world. We’re well set up with room to fulfil our medium-term growth plans, allowing us to focus on the task in hand – developing the next generation of tunnelling technology.”