hyperTunnel invited to attend World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF) 

hyperTunnel is pleased to announce its participation at the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF), between February 9-11 2023. 

Initiated by the EuropIA institute, the City of Cannes and The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, WAICF is a tradeshow that provides a platform for the most promising innovations and technologies, helping them to get a share of the spotlight. Here, decision-makers and AI innovators will meet, collaborate and showcase their game-changing AI strategies and use-cases. 

This year, WAICF will be centred around five core tracks: 

  • AI for Society: Understanding the benefits of artificial intelligence for society and our planet, and the challenges to overcome. 
  • AI Today & Tomorrow: Exploring what ai can do today to imagine what future innovations will bring to tomorrow’s world. 
  • AI Strategy: Improving ai strategies and scaling critical businesses. 
  • AI Technology: Using different ai technologies and shaping innovation mindsets. 
  • AI Applications: An overview of the progress AI can bring to organizations across various industries. 

hyperTunnel will present its automated underground construction method that uses a swarm of robots to 3D print tunnels into the ground. AI underpins the complete end-to-end performance of the robotic swarm, creating a swarm that learns and responds dynamically to its local conditions and informs the rest of the swarm. 

“As an organisation pioneering the use of AI, machine-learning, simulation and digital twins to develop a radical new method of tunnelling, we look forward to engaging in critical discussions with industry leaders at WAICF across these fields,” says hyperTunnel co-Founder Steve Jordan. “Due to the level of complexity of our requirement, our team is designing its AI platform – from rules-based algorithms to deep learning capabilities – from scratch and in-house.” 

hyperTunnel will also attend as a finalist in the Sustainable AI category of the Cannes Neurons Awards, designed by the festival to commend those AI projects that are rethinking standards and delivering a positive impact for society or the planet. 

Several company representatives will be in attendance, including our Head of AI & Digital Twin, Tao Xinghui and Sid Shaikh, Head of Robotics.