hyperTunnel shortlisted as Top 10 Construction Startup for 2021


hyperTunnel has made it to the final stage of the Construction Startup Competition 2021 after being among 10 companies shortlisted from hundreds of pioneering entrants around the world.

The competition, which recognises the brightest upcoming innovations and innovators in the building sector, will conclude with a pitch day event at the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference in Miami on November 11.  

Judges so far have been impressed by the hyperTunnel concept, which is currently under advanced testing at various sites in the UK and underpinned by a suite of integrated technology approaches such as digital twins and digital underground surveying, supported by AI and VR. 

Unlike traditional methods, which use equipment such as boring machines, hyperTunnel first builds the tunnel, then digs the hole. Here, the tunnel is 3D-printed inside the ground, working to a digital twin created using data generated by leading-edge digital ground surveying techniques. 

The final stage of the Construction Startup Competition will see hyperTunnel pitch its solution to a selected panel of judges made of up experts in the building and Contech sectors.  

“We are pleased to be attracting the attention of such high-profile organisations and to be identified as a construction sector innovator to watch on a global stage,” said hyperTunnel Co-CEO and founder, Jeremy Hammond. “We look forward to the new conversations this event will open up for hyperTunnel.” 

Attendance at the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference, which runs over two days, will also present an opportunity to put the hyperTunnel solution in front of multiple influential industry investors.  

The event has been running since 2017 and is recognised as one of the world’s premier conferences focused on venture investment in construction-related emerging technologies.