hyperTunnel invited to speak at UCA Cutting Edge Conference in Dallas


hyperTunnel continues to grab the attention of those organising high profile events on the global construction stage. The latest invitation comes from the Cutting Edge Conference, organised by the Underground Construction Association (UCA), which is part of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME). It takes place in Dallas, Texas, November 15-17.

hyperTunnel’s Jeremy Hammond will present ‘Swarm Technology from hyperTunnel…A New Future for Tunnel Construction & Repair?’ as part of the Resilient Solutions for Future Projects session on November 16. 

“The Cutting Edge Conference gives hyperTunnel fantastic exposure to the North American tunnelling scene. We are humbled to be invited along as an industry trailblazer, alongside those presenting the very latest trends and techniques in tunnelling,” says hyperTunnel co-CEO Jeremy Hammond. 

The event follows the Construction Startup Competition 2021 in Miami on November 11 where hyperTunnel is among 10 winners shortlisted from hundreds of pioneering entrants around the world.