hyperTunnel presents to the Colorado School of Mines

On April 20th, hyperTunnel presented to the Underground Construction Association, the student chapter of the Colorado School of Mines, a public engineering and applied sciences school in Golden, Colorado.

Comprising 14 academic departments and founded in 1874, Colorado School of Mines stands as the leading research university in mineral and mining, petroleum, mechanical engineering, geophysics and metallurgy worldwide. Mines’ reputation in innovative and emerging, as well as more traditional engineering fields, is well established.

hyperTunnel was honoured to speak to students remotely at the Underground Construction Association’s ‘lunch and learn,’ a one-hour event including a question & answer session, to talk about underground construction and tunnel engineering. hyperTunnel’s John Moreland-Lynn, Director of Corporate Development, discussed the hyperTunnel method, emphasizing how it differs from what is studied as part of current curriculums.

Moreland-Lynn emphasised the application of deep tech in the hyperTunnel method, which uses big data, digital twins, 3D printing and swarm robotics. Jeremy Hammond, hyperTunnel’s co-founder, also attended the session to answer questions.

The ‘lunch and learn’ session aims to provide students with first-hand knowledge from industry experts and to provide networking opportunities for UCA members.

Muhammed Ishaq, President of the Underground Construction Association (UCA), Colorado School of Mines (CSM), student chapter, said, “hyperTunnel is exploring an out-of-the-box solution that is expected to transform the subsurface infrastructure development techniques and technologies. UCA of SME student chapter at Colorado School of Mines is grateful for the thought-provoking and stimulating presentation by Moreland-Lynn and Jeremy Hammond.”