hyperTunnel picked for government-backed growthacceleration scheme for AI pioneers 

Innovate UK EDGE’s Global Business Innovation Programme will help promote hyperTunnel in Canada.

hyperTunnel has been selected to participate in a programme by the UK government’s Innovate UK agency to help ambitious businesses explore and exploit collaboration, growth and innovation opportunities in the Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) sector.  

hyperTunnel was picked for the Innovate UK EDGE scheme, known as the Global Business Innovation Programme with Canada: Artificial Intelligence, in a competitive process designed to identify up to 15 pioneering AI businesses with immediate potential for international expansion. hyperTunnel has developed a revolutionary tunnelling method that uses AI, machine learning and swarm robotics to make building underground faster, safer, less costly and more sustainable. 

“Innovate UK EDGE exists to recognise and support organisations with the potential to transform industry and society, so to have their backing is extremely gratifying,” said hyperTunnel co-CEO Jeremy Hammond. “It’s the latest in a string of affirmations from organisations that really understand our sector and I have no doubt it will open numerous doors for us. Being accepted onto the GBIP represents a huge opportunity to establish ourselves within the flourishing high-tech Canadian market.”    

Canada has a strong foundation in AI and a thriving start-up ecosystem. In 2017, it was the first country in the world to announce a national strategy for AI with a multi-million-dollar investment supporting R&D, skills development and talent attraction and retention. The Canadian government has also developed a series of initiatives to engage the private sector and advance the innovation agenda. 

Through the GBIP scheme, hyperTunnel will gain detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insight to help it broker new business in Canada. The programme consists of a preparation phase, a five-day innovation visit focussed on AI that includes a post-visit exploitation workshop and support for approximately 12 months from an Innovate UK EDGE Innovation and Growth Specialist. 

Innovate UK EDGE has run approximately 40 GBIPs to date in areas such as Agritech (Canada), offshore wind (China), future cities (India), cybersecurity (Israel), advanced materials (South Korea), and AI (USA).