hyperTunnel appoints Head of AI & Digital Twin 

hyperTunnel has appointed Tao Xinghui as Head of AI & Digital Twin. Tao is acknowledged as a leader in the field of data science, having lectured in both industrial and academic settings on cutting edge topics such as AI project landing and Edge-to-Cloud AI. He has worked with governments, large organisations and innovative start-ups for more than 10 years, including Foxconn China, ZF Friedrichshafen China, Certis Group Singapore and most recently, Sting Research Industries – a military drone provider funded by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.  

Tao will lead the development of AI and digital twins at hyperTunnel, two of the company’s core technology pillars. His team will create the simulation platform to support the hyperTunnel method through each of the key phases of a project, from design and construction through to condition monitoring and maintenance for the whole life of the underground structure.  

“I have joined hyperTunnel because of my deep interest in building digital twins. It’s a unique and promising field of technology,” explains Tao. “While we are doing revolutionary things for the construction sector at hyperTunnel, reassuringly, the approaches themselves are not particularly novel. I am looking forward to demonstrating the industry-changing potential of simulation and digital twins and building the suite of tools to be used by hyperTunnel’s customers.”  

hyperTunnel’s Director of Engineering Patrick Lane-Nott, says: “The hyperTunnel approach is developing fast and in appointments such as Tao, we are attracting some excellent talent to the team. at a time when our concepts are becoming commercial reality.”