Patrick Lane-Nott presents to SRMEG

Last month, Patrick Lane-Nott, Director of Engineering, Presented to the Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering Geology (SRMEG), Singapore in a webinar.

The Society frequently organises professional development courses related to the field of rock mechanics and engineering geology, as well as conferences and networking activities for its members.

In the webinar, attended by 200 underground engineers, Patrick explained how hyperTunnel is developing revolutionary infraTech for tunnels and underground schemes which is faster, safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly than current techniques. Using digital twins, robotics and 3D printing, hyperTunnel uses a unique combination of proven technologies from diverse industries to redefine what’s possible in underground construction.

Technical Manager for Bekaert Underground Solutions, and organiser of the SRMEG webinar, Gan Cheng Chian, said, “A remarkably interesting presentation on the innovative thinking behind the hyperTunnel Process. hyperTunnel is the future of tunnelling construction”.