New medical imaging expert will advance construction applications

Medical imaging expert Paul Ross has joined hyperTunnel as Principal Software Engineer. Paul brings a wealth of experience in software architecture, GPU-programming, parallel computing, image processing and C++. He has worked previously at Toshiba Medical, Optos and Sense Photonics developing systems for computer vision, data visualisation, and real-time data acquisition and processing in the highly advanced medical sector. 

Paul leads softwareimaging at hyperTunnel, part of which involves and is developing new systems to allow its clients to visualise in 3D the company’s robot-gathered digital ground surveys as well as its digital twins of underground infrastructure. He is progressing GPR reconstruction and volumetric rendering capabilities from the medical imaging sector that have not previously been seen in the construction industry. 

“hyperTunnel’s automated swarming robot approach allows completely new levels of detailed subterranean data to be collected,” explains Paul Ross. “My job is to help construction companies and asset managers see what that actually looks like with their own eyes in an accessible and meaningful way. Techniques such as inference modelling and simulation from the medical world, including technologies such as curvature shading as used in obstetrics, promise to be a game-changer for those wanting to better understand geology down to the last millimetre.”