Guy Beards joins hyperTunnel as a consultant to uphold Health & Safety as scale testing ramps up.

Guy has been involved in health, safety and the environment for over four decades. With a degree in occupational hygiene, he spent 20 years working around and on broadcast transmission masts, training people to work at height and investigating the effects of radio waves of various frequencies. Following that, he taught health and safety, including NEBOSH and environmental courses, and led implementations of the ISO14001 Environmental Management Scheme. He is now an independent consultant, advising on both H&S and environmental issues.

Guy will support ever-expanding tunnel test operations at the hyperTunnel Outdoor Learning Environment (hOLE) at Herriard, Hampshire, as well as at other customer and partners’ test sites in the UK, where the hyperTunnel method is being validated. For specialist and round-the-clock support, Guy has teamed up with Salisbury consultancy, What No Safety, which has a range of associates on tap and specific experience in the rail sector.

“Many businesses have their market value based on physical resources, employing people to support them, while hyperTunnel is the skills, knowledge and ideas of its people,” says Guy. “These people must have the highest priority from a business as well as from an ethical standpoint. Work involves hazards such as exposure to noise and substances, moving machinery and material collapses. I’m looking forward to supporting the development of hyperTunnel technology that can contribute to addressing the climate emergency through improved transportation.”

Welcome to the team, Guy!