Two new engineering innovators have joined hyperTunnel’s world-class product-design team to help the company rapidly achieve its objective of revolutionising tunnelling technology.

Dylan Phillips has stepped into the role of Head of Design, bringing 27 years of engineering and team leadership experience in F1, engine and aircraft design and medical device development. As second-in-command to Director of Engineering Patrick Lane-Nott, he will help to optimise cross-functional collaboration and provide additional expertise in R&D, validation and international standards.

Dylan Phillips & Dr James Whittaker

Geophysicist Dr James Whittaker is joining to further bolster the development of the company’s new 3D Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) system. A geoscience consultant with a background in both industry and academic research, he brings a wealth of practical engineering experience in seismic imaging and hazard forecasting.

“Dylan and James are important new additions to our growing and very talented team,” commented Lane-Nott. “Dylan has a lot of experience of multi-disciplinary project management and James can take a GPR kit and make it work in new ways. We’re all eager to see just what we can achieve together.”