hyperTunnel and MBCC partnership reaches milestone

On the 30 and 31st of March hyperTunnel celebrated 100 successful weekly meetings with MBCC. The collaboration goes back to the hyperTunnel teams’ first visit to the Hagerbach test gallery in Switzerland, followed by MBCC’s visit to hyperTunnel’s headquarters at Viewpoint in Basingstoke.

For the 100th meeting milestone, hyperTunnel hosted Christoph Hermann, Global Technical Manager Injection – Underground Construction EB/C UGC TM, who had travelled from Germany; Richard Foord, Project Manager – Underground Construction – UK and Ireland; Andrew Walker, Project Engineer – Underground Construction – UK & Ireland and Tim Thomas, Global Consultant, Sustainable Construction, joining from the UK.

Dr Karabela gave an overview of all the ground consolidation activities that took place at hyperTunnel from the start of company to the proof of concept to current activities. Tim Thomas presented on sustainable construction. Discussions took place between hyperTunnel and MBCC, including Sven Asmus, Director of Chemistry and Materials Development at hyperTunnel who joined remotely from Germany. Davide Grassi, Injection and Foundation Engineering Manager (Europe), joined remotely from Italy.

MBCC have confirmed their continuous support for the future. With their wide portfolio of chemistry and their expertise, this partnership continues to help hyperTunnel reach its goal in transforming tunnelling.

Dr. Karabela, Senior Engineer at hyperTunnel says, “Working with the MBCC group has been an amazing experience, the continuous support and live interest in our ground consolidation developments on site, has enabled us to progress in a fast and efficient way, and bring hyperTunnel where it is now.”